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Monitoring sites

Monitoring site locations for the groundwater quantity assessment on Spatial Information Service Atlas okolja.

SHP or GML2 files of locations can be accessed through the Web Feature Service (WFS).

Monitoring sites for the groundwater quantity assessment include wells, observation wells (piezometers) and springs. In porous aquifers the depth to groundwater, the groundwater temperature and the electrical conductivity are measured, while in karstic and fissured aquifers the water level and/or flow on the spring are measured alongside with water temperature and the electrical conductivity.

Monitoring sites are basis for the groundwater monitoring network. Groundwater monitoring network is described and defined in the Program for groundwater quantity assessment (in Slovenian).

The groundwater quantity assessment monitoring follows the objectives related to the determination of water quantities (hydrological balance) and groundwater regimes, estimation of the groundwater quantity conditions, putting an emphasis on the assessment of long-term changes in the water cycle and the relationship between resources and groundwater abstractions. The data obtained by monitoring is also used for real-time reporting in case of extreme hydrological events, such as droughts and floods.

Basic information about the monitoring sites: 

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