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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


  • Weather alerts for the region of Slovenia?

    • Regularly submitted to MeteoAlarm (established under EUMETNET, the Network of European Meteorological Services) .
      On the front page actual images of valid weather alerts from server are displayed. Clicking on the link opens a new tab/window with additional information. 

    • Textual weather alerts of the National Meteorological Service of Slovenia in slovenian are available at .

  • Why are the available data old?

    • Try to reload the page (e.g. View/Reload, the usual keyboard shortcut is Ctrl-R).

    • Try to empty/delete the cache of your browser (e.g. Edit/Preferences/.../Cache/...).


  • On pages I see some strange characters - for example in the name of certain Slovenian cities. Why?

    • Pages are encoded in UTF-8 (8-bit UCS/Unicode Transformation Format), which is a type of character encoding for Unicode (an industry standard allowing computers to consistently represent and manipulate a text expressed in most of the world's writing systems).

    • Browsers are generally able to recognize the encoding type of the page if it is constructed correctly.

      • Try to enable the automatic detection (e.g. View/Encoding/Auto-Select/Universal).

  • Why is the page  'Interactive weather' empty?

    • You have to enable the use of javascript in your browser.

    • For easier navigation accepting of cookies is also recommended.

  • Why is 'Interactive weather' so slow?

    • Javascript files have to be served to your computer - faster with a broader bandwidth; they have to be executed - faster with a faster computer; a larger amount of image data (e.g. model data) should also reach you from our server - same reasoning as above (after the images are loaded, the navigation should be quick enough for comfortable animation).

    • Newer versions of browsers should be slightly faster for javascript execution.

  • Why text and image size are sometimes disproportional?

    • Some pages consist of elements where the text is not contained in an image and therefore the browser treats it differently (e.g temperature over the geographical map).

    • Text size can be adjusted in the browser. Default size is recommended (e.g. View/Text_Size/Medium).

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