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About pages

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Website Disclamer

Information, presented on the website, 
is prepaired by National Meteorological Service of Slovenia
at the Environmental Agency of RS (EARS), taking into
account international scientific and technical standards. 

We are trying our best to avoid mistakes, but we can not assure 
the total absence of errors, since large volume of data and forecasts 
is presented.

Please understand that we do not take any responsability for possible
damage caused by making decisions based on the websites information.


Re-use Conditions

Information, presented on the website, is public and can
be re-used in accordance with the Regulation on Transaction and Re-use of
Public Sector Information (ul. RS No: 76 dated 12. August 2005).
Article 26 of above mentioned Regulation demands the proper announcement of
the information source: »Slovene Public Information«, EARS -


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